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Bishop Antōnios `Azīz of the Gīza Coptic Catholic Diocese confirmed that Egypt's Council of Churches has not yet met to reach a consensus on a unified personal status law proposal for all five Churches, stressing that the Council's last meeting on this issue was last year.
The recent transcript published by Arab West Report on our interview with Bishop Antonios of the Coptic Catholic Church has attracted the attention of scholars in the West. In particular, Dr. Wolfram Reiss, professor of historical and comparative studies of religions at the University of Vienna,...
Rev. Safwat al-Bayādī, president of the Protestant churches of Egypt, believes the amended constitution submitted to Egypt for referendum January 14-15, is 85 percent positive. As one of the fifty committee members, he described his experiences, both positive and negative, to Arab West Report on...
Amnesty International has been recurrently critical of the military intervention following large-scale demonstrations against President Morsi between June 30 and July 3. Amnesty International has also criticized the interim authorities for various human rights violations following July 3. In their...
This book was first published in 2012 by CIDT in Arabic. It was later translated into English, expanded with texts of Nushin Atmaca and Patricia Prentice and edited by Cornelis Hulsman with help of Jenna Ferrecchia and Douglas May.
A summary of Prof. Harald Suermann’s lecture on Christian documents from the 7th century that document Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt just following the arrival of Islam in Egypt.
Professor Harald Suermann visited the CIDT office and delivered a lecture about Christian attitudes toward Muslims during the Umayad era. An article also reflects on a Gallup poll that states that Egypt is the most religious country in the world.
Drs. Hulsman introduces the number of articles in this issue that deal with the incidents surrounding the monastery of Abu Fana.
Monks from the Monastery of Abu Fana detail the tensions involving their monastery, and provide their testimony on the recent conflict.
Drs. Hulsman discusses his trip to Mallawi, and his concerns regarding the effect that misinformation is having on grassroots Muslim-Christian relations.


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