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This report by Arab-West Report explains the context of the massive destruction of churches and Christian institutions in Egypt in August 2013.
The Alexandria Misdemeanors’ Court has finally closed the case of the Alexandria Muharram Bik incidents, brought by some lawyers against Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt and priests of the Mar Girgis Church, Father Antonius Fahmī and Father...
An in-depth criticism of the Coptic Church’s actions, which serve to widen the divide between Copts and Muslims in Egypt.
A discussion of the reaction of the Egyptian press to the events in Alexandria, where Muslims demonstrated against a play, produced by the Mar Girgis Church, that they considered offensive to Islam.
The Holy Synod has denied in a statement that a play, which prompted angry demonstrations from Muslims in Alexandria, was meant to insult Islam or the Qur’ān. The church claimed that “the false allegations” were published by al-Maydān and al-Usbou‘ newspapers to spark sedition between Muslims and...
The author wonders why the play, which he states was highly insulting to Islam, was made and hopes that this play does not mark the beginning of yet another round of sectarian strife.
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