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The recent incident that occurred in Assiut concerning 13 feddans of land that are near the Holy Virgin Monastery had the potential to turn into another Abū Fānā-style issue. However many will view the outcome as Muslims and the government being forced to give in to Christian demands.
The article discusses whether the divine gift of speaking in tongues still exists, as the Pentecostal Church claims, or if it has ceased to exist since faith spread across the whole world.
Zākhir explains why he wants to sue Bishop Bīshūy, the general secretary of the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod.
The author tackles the spread of fanatic dialogue between the different Christian creeds and within the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt.
During his sermon, Pope Shenouda warns young Copts against visiting Evangelical churches to avoid being affected by Evangelical thinking.
The author presents a Christian doctrinal disagreement without providing the source of his information or referring to any specialized reference.
While the Coptic Orthodox Church prohibits visits to Jerusalem, considering it as support of the Israeli occupation, the Catholic Church permits the visit as a means of supporting the Palestinians who live in the neighborhood of the Holy Places, whose income greatly depends on the Christian...
Copts in Paris organized a demonstration during which demonstrators presented a petition to the Egyptian ambassador which called for less discrimination and more equality for Copts in Egypt.
What would be better, building a mosque in a district that already has 10 mosques, or to build a hospital to treat poor people? The article states that this funding would be put to better use investing in charity projects or for supporting poor people, rather than build another house of worship in...
‘Arif al-Dubays writes about the contradictory decisions of the grand imām at the Azhar.


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