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During meetings with some French Muslim converts, Arlette Khourī transmits their opinions and experiences of Islam, mentioning the official French perspective concerning the increase in the number of ‘new Muslims.’
The Catholic Church gets involved in the debate taking place in France concerning the way to deal with the phenomenon of the hijab [veil]. The church voiced its rejection of a law that firmly establishes secularism and bans religious manifestations in public institutions.
A veiled French woman is running for a parliamentary seat that is now vacant after the death of an MP from the Union for Political Movement (UMP) and if matters went along well, she could be the first veiled woman in the history of the French National Assembly.
The secretary general of the Union of French Islamic Organizations (UOIF) Fouad Elwi held a meeting with the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France. The results of this session were beyond what was expected due to the atmosphere of tension that prevailed during the meeting....
A group of scholars and intellectuals traveled last week to Europe in order to “improve the image of Islam and Muslims” in Western public opinion. The program aims at eliminating mistaken ideas about Islam. This coincided with an agreement taken by a number of Muslim businessmen in Canada and the U...
French Minister of Education Francois Fillon warned against any violation of the laws of the French Republic saying that any violation will be met with extreme firmness. The French Minister made this statement in response to a statement of the Union of Islamic Organizations of France, which...
French-Cameroonian comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala resorted to the streets to present some comic sketches after he was accused of being anti-Semitic and accordingly ordered to stop the show he was presenting at Olympia Theater.
The French Supreme Council for Visual and Audible Information refused the request of the Representative Council of Jewish-French Organizations to reconsider the decision of allowing the television channel Al-Manar, which belongs to Hezbollah, to broadcast its programs to France.
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