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General Mustafa Abdel-Qader, minister of local development confirmed the continuation of the work of reconciliation committees in Al-Koshh. He said that these committees that have been formed from Christian and Muslim religious officials and prominent families, in addition to some local leaders,...
The incidents in Al-Koshh have been controlled after the number of victims increased to twenty dead and thirty-five injured. The conflicts between the inhabitants have also resulted in the burning of two cars and destruction of thirty-three shops. A responsible security official of the Ministry of...
The following articles express more or less the same information. Only the titles are given but on request translations could be made for a fee.
The court looks today in the request of lawyer Jābr Ibrāhīm Jābr to stop printing, publishing and using the book of ’The father of Adam’, the story between magic and reality, of author ʿAbd al-Ṣabūr Shāhīn under the Ḥisba law.
Teachers of history in Egyptian universities affirmed the prominent role played by the Coptic Church in national liberation movements.
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