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Suhīr Jouda writes of how Islamic investment companies swindled people in the name of religion.
The Egyptian Prosecutor General criticized Ashraf al-Sa‘d [owner of the al-Sa‘d Investment Company] joining the “Save Egypt Front.” He added that Egypt was subject to the biggest fraud in the name of religion.
People chosen by foreign powers as instrument for interference are just disloyal leaders with a dirty vile history that would settle for assuming the role of the servant for the masters in Washington or London.
The author is of the opinion that Brotherhood is like a magician playing card tricks with legitimacy: democracy slogans in elections, planning conspiracies against it in secret, using the media to build Brotherhood hierarchies to spread their ideas and manipulating people’s minds and beliefs.
Arab Radio and Television (ART) carried out an exciting interview with Ashraf Al Saad, who was involved in the famous case of "[untrustworthy] investment companies", which affected the Egyptian economy during the eighties and also revealed the chaotic state within this vital sector over the past...
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