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Columnist Ashraf Ṣādiq wrote this week: Since the announcement of the date of Pope Francis’ visit to Cairo for 26 hours on Friday and Saturday, the 28th and 29th of April, the forces of evil have announced that a major incident will occur in Egypt during this time. They are deluded because they...
The custody of the religious institutions on scientific research leads to the suspension of a dissertation about the Coptic language by a Coptic researcher.
Pope Shenouda III comments on the hottest issues of 2007, and discusses different political, financial, and social issues.
A review of a showcase of Coptic Iconic art held in Paris. The ’Icones Coptes’ show displayed 52 icons by 17 artists from the Fanūs School of Iconic art.
al-Ahrām interviews Pope Shenouda to hear his comments on recent events involving the Coptic Orthodox Church.
In an interview with al- Ahrām, Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark congratulates Muslims on ‘Īd al-Adh? and wishes Egypt all prosperity and welfare.
The author wonders about the increasing coverage of Coptic affairs in Egyptian press, and points to a number of specific periodicals that have increased their focus on such issues.
An unresolved crisis now appears to be affecting relations between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the independent Christian newspaper Watanī.
Muslims and Christians united in their stance against Pope Benedict’s offensive statement to Islam and voiced their disapproval during the national unity banquets held in the month of Ramadān.
This report summarizes some of the opinions of Egyptian intellectuals about the issue of deleting religious identity from on identity cards.


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