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Maqar Jabir, priest of the Church of the Virgin Mary and the forty-nine martyrs of Abi Jilban, affiliated to the Abbey of Bani Mazar and Bahnasa, passed away.
Cornelis Hulsman Drs. and Bishop Thomas of al-Qussia discuss the bishop's Anafora retreat center in an interview published by the Maadi Messenger in 2014 with additional contextual commentary by Cornelis Hulsman.
“Hunger has no religion” is the motto of those who offer the charity table, or mā`idat al-rahmān, in Egypt, for iftār during the fasting month of Ramadan for the poor and needy among Muslims who are unable to provide for themselves and for their families. The Egyptian society is familiar with these...
Conversion in Egypt is a complicated and thorny issue.
World Servants, a Dutch Christian organization that supports building projects in different countries, contributed to several buildings in Egypt for social purposes. All projects, except for two, have been completed. The Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Beni Suef made promises to also complete these last...
The Commission of the Bishop’s Conferences of the European Community (COMECE) in Brussels invited Cornelis Hulsman to present on the position of Christians in Egypt on May 9 in Brussels, Belgiu
Previously, I have written in Arab-West Report about people who have influenced me, such as former Dutch Consul-General to Saudi Arabia, Daniel van der Meulen (1894–1989), who stimulated my interest in the Arab world and Muslim-Christian relations. Syrian-Orthodox Bishop, Samuel Aktash of the Tur...
Amin Makram Ebeid's review of Jayson Casper's ZIVIC paper on peacebuilding in Egypt (AWR 2010 Week 2 Article 2)
CIDT’s Jayson Casper discusses the role of the difficulties surrounding church building in perpetuating interreligious conflict in Egypt, referring to the example set by Fr. Yu’annis.              
On June 21, 2009 violent conflict broke out between Muslims, Christians, and security forces of Izbet Bushra, a small village located in the governorate of Beni Suef, approximately 120 kilometers south of Cairo.


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