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The Supreme Administrative Court in Egypt issued a controversial ruling that guarantees Christian divorcees the right to a second marriage. The Coptic Orthodox Church rejects the ruling and declares that there is no authority on Earth that can oblige the church to go against their conscience....
The article discusses reactions to a recent Supreme Administrative Court ruling which forces the Coptic Orthodox Church to allow Copts that have been divorced through civil courts to re-marry.
Ranā Mamdūh reports on the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court to make March 3, 2008 the date for its final verdict in the appeal filed by Pope Shenouda III against a previous court ruling obligating the church to issue re-marriage permissions for Coptic divorcees.
Pope Shenouda had appealed against the Supreme administrative court sentence which allows a Coptic man to remarry; the man was given church permission to remarry in 2005.
The author publishes the text of the reasons on which the Administrative Judiciary Court relied to give its controversial sentence compelling Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria to grant permit for a second marriage to a Copt who divorced his wife by a court ruling.
Rose al-Yousuf publishes the full text of the appeal made by Pope Shenouda III against a court ruling obliging him to grant permission to divorced Copts to remarry.
The Administrative Court of Egypt is to look into the case brought by a divorced Copt, demanding Pope Shenouda III to grant him marriage permission after he was granted a civil divorce from a state’s family court.
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