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Background:In this press conference, the Minister of the Business Sector, ʿĀṭif Muḥammad ʿAbīd, and Muḥammad Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn Ḥāfiẓ, the Chief Executive Officer of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, talk about their efforts to encourage the business sector to work together with the ministry to...
German minister of interior delivers a lecture at Cairo University about the significance of interreligious coexistence and the role of religion in society and politics.
The recent statement by the Shaykh of Azhar Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi in which he said that the French government has the right to impose a ban on the H...
List of the articles commenting on President Mubarak?s decision that Coptic Christmas day is a national holiday. The decision is highly praised and welcomed.
Pope Shenouda III, Bishop Bissenti of Ma?asara and Helwan and the Christian Youths Association give Iftar parties in Ramadan. All participants believe that such parties reflect national unity between Muslims and Christians.
Prime Minister Atef Ebeid inaugurated the 14th General Islamic Conference. It was organized by the Ministry of Waqf in coordination with the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs. It was titled ?The Reality of Islām in a Changeable World.?
The Muftī of Egypt issued a Fatwá to the effect that the contest of miss Egypt violates the religious values and the Eastern traditions. Basing on this Fatwá, the Prime Minister was warned against holding such a contest.
Swift intensive efforts were made this week to contain a Muslim-Christian crisis due to a blasphemous article, by a Muslim writer, about a former monk. Thousands of angry youths protested against the article, the Government was accused of being in collusion with the paper, Pope Shenouda...
The number of articles published about Christmas reflects the attention the Egyptian press paid to celebrations of it. The article gives a list of the articles published in five newspapers.


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