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TV show “Lasaʿāt” hosted Dr. Rev Augustine (Ughasṭīnyūs) Maurice, pastor of the The Holy Family Church in al-Zaytūn to present his book A Historical View of the Coptic Catholic Community in Egypt (rū’ya tārīkhiyya li-ṭā’ifat al-aqbāṭ al-kāthūlīk fī miṣr).
“Together against Violence and Terrorism” campaign in Minya's villages and districts carried out an awareness meeting in the city of Malāwī on the danger of terrorism on the economy, on the social, political, and economic development, and on the tourism industry. It also touched on the necessity of...
Conversion in Egypt is a complicated and thorny issue.
Christian denominations warned of the loss of the Egyptian people's right to express their anger towards the "Innocence of Muslims," a film discrediting the Prophet Muhammad, because of the violent acts that erupted around the United States Embassy in Cairo.
The Catholic denomination in Cairo has rejected what is considered Pope Shenouda’s justifications for a CD attributed to Bishop Bīshūy on which he accused non-Orthodox Christians of apostasy and claimed that they would not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
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