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This article deals with the issue of the portrayal of the Prophet in satirical form, and Muslim reactions in the Netherlands.  
The article presents a Mark Steyn article published in an American weekly magazine National Review which rejects the Evangelization of moderate Muslims in the West because it can deprive Islam of moderate leaders who can carry out reformation in Islam.
Paul Berman discusses the impact that radical and political Islam has had in Iraq, particularly in relation to its impact on relations with the U.S., and the misinterpretation of these ideologies amongst many Western intellectual circles.
The Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali has asked the European Union for money to help protect her while she is in the U.S. after she received death threats because of her outspoken criticism of Islam.
Islam is the target of Western and Zionists’ attacks. Muslims need to unite to defend their religion and any inter-religious dialogue is bound to avowing Islam as a heavenly religion.
The author reflects on three different recent incidents that he believes should worry moderate Muslims and questions why international organizations have not spoken out against these events.
AWR report on Christian missionary work in Muslim countries, taking Korean Christian volunteers or missionaries as an example. Discussion of Islamic Endowments in Egypt. Several Arab media outlets showed their anger about the American Coptic Union calling Pope Shenouda a powerless Pope.
A Jewish American author, David Horowitz, announced that the last week of August as ‘Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.’ It aimed at warning students of 200 different universities across the U.S. about what he describes ‘the danger of Islam.’
The following presents a response from a number of Dutch organizations regarding Geert Wilders’ film ’Fitna,’ stressing their rejection thereof and the fact that this film represents the mindset of only a minimal percentage of the Dutch population.


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