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Three officers claim that the wireless devices used in the Security Directorate of Alexandria were out of order which made them unable to receive SOS messages during the sectarian incidents which recently took place in Alexandria.
Love is the reason behind the phenomenon of Christian girls’ conversion to Islam such as the case of Marian Majdī al-Jūnī, the 21 year-old who disappeared last year.
Muhammad al-Darīnī, secretary general of the Āl al-Bayt Supreme Council, said that al-Ashrāf [Āl al-Bayt] in Egypt, estimated at six million, are a major headache to the Saudi intelligence. Al-Darīnī has managed to get original documents condemning the Saudi security forces for violating human...
Qataouta Shenouda Jayyid married to Nasr Nasr ‘Adwān, 12 years ago. After marriage she found out he was married to three other Christians and a Muslim woman wearing the niqāb.
There are calls for an investigation into the detention of some Sudanese children, including 14-year-old Kashan Adnan, Leila, 6, Adele, 5, Amal, 3, Ibrāhīm, 2, and many others, after the sit-in in downtown Cairo was broken up by Egyptian security forces.
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