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Many scholars from all Islamic denominations insist that apostates should be sentenced to death although many of the Qur’ānic texts clearly assert the importance of freedom of thought and belief.
The author criticizes political Islām movements for claiming themselves as the only solution for problems of society, whilst their entire existence brings about only backwardness to Muslims.
The author rejects the slogan that political Islām movements lift which says, ‘Islam is the solution.’ He believes that Islām without mind or science will not be enough to realize the long-waited progress of Islamic societies.
Rather than attacking the minister of culture’s statements on the Ḥijāb, Ayman al-Bishbīshī asserts that the healthy atmosphere of differences in opinions enriches human civilizations.
AWR’s year report shows the tremendous amount of work carried out in 2006. Comment on ‘Coptic Christian Fights Deportation to Egypt, Fearing Torture.’ in New York Times. Report on conversion stories presented on VCD.
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