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Rose al-Yūsuf published an interview with Father Scattolin, the Comboni monk and expert in S...
Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi issued a Fatwá rendering films and television series with corrupted female characters are H...
The article is about a book by Maḥmūd ‘Awaḍ that shows how peaceful and tolerant minister al-Bāqūrī was.
Ayman al-Hakīm traces the incident of takfīr a Yemeni poet after he published extremely controversial works.
A research center affiliated to the Mossad accuses Egyptian author Muhammad Salmawi of anti-Semitism because of his story about Waf´a Idris, the first Palestinian young lady to commit a “martyrdom” operation against Israelis.
The author discusses the pleadings of Nobel laureate Najīb Mahfouz’s lawyer, who refuted charges of blasphemy pressed against the writer over his controversial novel Awlād Hāritnā.
The author says that Nobel laureate Najīb Mahfouz was sued for adding to the list of God’s Fairest Names. He added that the lawyer also demanded the separation of Mahfouz from his wife, like the case of Islamic thinker Dr. Nasr Hāmid Abu Zayd.
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