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Bishop Bīshūy’s declarations are irresponsible and the Pentecostal Church respects Bishop Bīshūy. The Coptic Orthodox Church, declared Mūrjān ‘Azīz Mūrjān, head of the Pentecostal Church.
The head of the Pentecostal denomination, ‘Azīz Morgan, sent several letters to the Australian Government to save Rev. Karam Girgis who escaped to Australia after being sentenced in absentia to three months in prison.
Jaerock Lee claims to be God’s son. He says his image appears on the sun and the moon and that his soul heals the sick and helps the poor.
Rev. ‘Azīz Murjān, the head of the synod of Pentecostal churches in Egypt, stated that South Korean Pastor Jaerock Lee’s faith is sound and genuine and he has never been a heretic. He added that Kamāl Farah, the pastor of the Evangelical Church in the Cairo district of Shubrā, has visited the...
The Evangelical Church in Egypt is in conflict because a priest has invited a South Korean religious leader, accused of heresy by many in the Korean church, to convene a conference in Egypt.
A Korean priest has claimed deity and sparked controversy within the Egyptian Evangelical Church.
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