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In the wake of a heinous attack by supporters of a basketball team setting a supporter of an opponent team on fire after the end of a game, the author, Amal Ibrāhīm Sa‘d, discusses the phenomenon of fanaticism spread in all walks of life in Egyptian society.
The current massive social, political and economical crises and attitudes of disrespect towards women in society have led to recent sexual assaults in Cairo.
Safā’ Mustafá warns about the spread of new private Islamic institutes which are not supervised by either the Azhar or the Ministry of Awqāf. She believes that these could promote false teachings of Islām with their emphasis on less educated preachers.
Abd al-Latīf Hāmid writes about a parliamentary suggestion to establish a governmental center that works on following, and then analyzing the stream of rumors. The center also suggests making rumor-spreading a criminal offense.
Universities are the place where secret marriages between university students are one of the problems that threatened the moral life of these students; especially because students in that phase of life are driven by the uncontrolled emotions of the youth. In 1997 a social researcher found 31...
Divorce nowadays differs tremendously from divorce in the past, being a common event, a word frequently uttered by all alike, young and old, the rich and the poor, the educated and the ignorant. Whether you marry after having a love story or meet someone on-line or through a blind date, chances of...
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