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The Bahāʾī Faith is a monotheistic religion that affirms the spiritual unity of the human race, focusing on three pillars that form the foundation of its teachings. 
The article gives a brief review of the Bahā’īs’ ‘Most Holy Book,’ which they believe was revealed by God to their prophet Bahā’ Allāh.
Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm tells how Western interest in Egypt has shifted to social and religious issues.
An overview of the Baha’i faith and interview with two practicing Baha’is. They discuss the Baha’is relationship with the authorities and views on women and other religions.
The review deals with the issue of the Bahā’ī faith in Egypt amidst a tug-of -war between supporters of the Egyptian Bahā’īs’ right to have their faith openly registered in their identity cards and those denying them any rights and terming them as infidels or apostates.
The review deals with the issue of the Bahā’ī faith in Egypt in the light of a recent court ruling allowing their religion to be included in official documents like identity cards, passports or birth certificates, amidst an outcry from the Azhar and several intellectuals.
Shoura Council Speaker Safwat al-Sharīf has received an official notice from lawyer Nabīh al-Wahsh calling for denying the Bahā’is any chance to set up a political party in Egypt.
Bahā’īs are prohibited from joining political parties, running in any elections and partaking in any political activities lest this should open a can of worms with the national various political and religious powers.
This article is an outline of a book of Dr. Abdel Wahab al-Missiri about the Baha’is which was published in 1993. Al-Missiri studied the protocols of the Free Masons and the Baha’is and wrote that some people believe that Jews participated in the great Jewish conspiracy and used their connections...
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