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The number of victims of the current violence in Egypt is increasing. Most deaths fell during the efforts to end the demonstrations. According to the Ministry of Health there are 638 deaths, among them at least 43 from the police forces. The Muslim Brotherhood claims much larger numbers of...
Muslims and Christians enthusiastically welcomed Pope Shenouda III on his historical journey to Upper Egypt.
Many Copts choose to visit the Virgin’s convent near Assiut’s western mountain during the Holy Virgin’s fast. Basma William offers a personal look at this tradition, detailing her own visit to the convent.
Basma William follows the developments in the case of the disappearance of a Coptic girl Injī ʿĀṭif Kāmil from Asyūṭ whose family filed complaints accusing a Muslim young man of kidnapping her.
Another Coptic teenager disappears. Her family accused a Muslim young man of kidnapping the girl. The father said that the minutes he signed at the police station had been falsified, and that after he had signed they added his alleged acknowledgment of a love relationship between his daughter and...
Grief still hangs over the village of Dayr al- Barshā despite the passage of more than one month since the brutal killings involving two related Christian families over agricultural property.
Al-Ahali published a photo of Virgin Mary on its front page under the title of "The First Photo of the Holy Virgin." It mentioned that a Muslim woman took this photo when the strong lights shone above the towers of the Saint Marcos church in Assiut. al-Akhbar wrote that the Bishopric of...
International and local media have pursued the spiritual phenomena of the apparition of the Madonna in Assiut, where more than 10,000 Muslims and Christians have gathered to witness the miracle, which started on August 17th.
Bāsimah William writes about the celebrations of the feast of the Virgin Mary at Dayr al-Azrā’ in Jabal Assiut, which does not attract only Christians, but also Muslims and people from all over the world.
Celebration of the festival of St. George at Bisari in the vicinity of Assiut on the fifth Sunday of Lent.


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