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The article discusses the tradition of Coptic New Year and its origin.
The review deals with the issue of the Bahā’ī faith in Egypt amidst a tug-of -war between supporters of the Egyptian Bahā’īs’ right to have their faith openly registered in their identity cards and those denying them any rights and terming them as infidels or apostates.
The author explains the term "Islamic secularism." Islam is an absolute religion like all other revealed religions and secularism is a relative philosophy like all other philosophies that are open to change and modification. The adjective "Islamic" gives secularism an Islamic dimension and not the...
The author states that the Muslim Brotherhood may be the only opposition in parliament currently, but that it would turn Egyptians’ lives into a living hell.
The author argues that Mossad was not the only party responsible for the loss of an Egyptian genius in nuclear physics, but blames those who sent al-Mashad on an official mission without guards and those who allowed his assassination to take place within their country.
When news of the first Coptic Symposium which convened in Zurich last September first came out, those who organised it and those who planned to take part in it all became targets of a fierce denunciation and condemnation campaign in the Egyptian media. My only comment then was that, once the...
The fatal point of weakness in the 1st Coptic symposium in the Swiss city of Zurich was that it tried to be secular but could not abide until the end by this noble call that enhances Egyptians’ unity and consequently functions as a life buoy from a merciful fate at the end of a dark tunnel.
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