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HG Anba Bimwa, Bishop of Suez, met with the ministers and servants of ecclesiastical education, care, quality services and activities at the church of the great martyr Mar Jirjis, in the village of Janifa in the rural sector, within the regular meetings of His Eminence with the servants and...
A group calling themselves the “Clergy Group” handed out, on the eve of Easter, leaflets in which they accused Bishop Ammonius who has been isolated in Anbā Bīshūy Monastery, of swindling, stealing and wasting the bishopric’s money.
Christians came flooding to the cathedral following the publication of an article in Al-Nabaa newspaper. They were searching for a personal answer concerning the church’s response to what was written. The article was about an ousted monk and his sexual adventures in the monastery. The heated...
An Arabic newspaper looks at "rebel monks", their activities and accusations, and the response of the leadership (including Pope Shenouda III) to their charges.
Some sources are attributing the decision of dismissal of monk Antonios Al-Gowargi from Al-Khatatba Monastery and removal of his monastic rank to his circulation of rumors against Father Bimoua, priest and head of Mar Girgis Monastery.
More information on the dismissal of a monk from the Mari Girgis Monastery in Khatatba.
Responding to Al-Arabi’s article that was published last week titled "An ambiguous crime in Mari Girgis Monastery in Al-Khatatba", a representative of Bishop Bimoua came to the paper bringing documents that supported their reply. He said, Monk Antonios Al-Gowargi voluntarily left the monastery. His...
Basically the same text as in the article above.
A quirky article giving information on the court appearance of the monk dismissed from the Mari Girgis Monastery in Al-Khatatba.


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