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This book was first published in 2012 by CIDT in Arabic.
Bernard Lewis’ new book ’What went wrong?’ contains nothing new. It is a repetition of what Lewis has said about Muslims in all his previous books.
The referendum for the constitution of EU countries raises the question concerning the situation of European Muslims with regards to the constitution and the Union.
The author considers reform in Islam, outlining the inhibiting stance that many Western countries adopt regarding reform in the Islamic world. The era of ‘political correctness’ has led many to blindly ignore violations of human rights in the hope of maintaining a level of correctness while not...
The article discusses the situation of Arab minorities in the West and predicts that these minorities will one day turn into majorities.
Zayn al-‘Ābidīn al-Rikābī writes about Orientalist Bernard Lewis’ allegations made during a conference that has recently been held in Jerusalem.
Issues related to anti-Semitism are discussed in four of the papers of this week. Most articles question the connection established between criticizing Israel and anti- Semitism. See also art. 2 and 3
Transcript of a speech presented by William Dalrymple at the American University in Cairo, highlighting his experiences traveling to Christian Holy sites throughout the Middle East, as well as his personal interpretation of political Islām. He includes references to both historical and present day...
In his article, Majdī Khalīl stresses the Arab and Islamic world’s need of the West. He questions contemporary Islam and Muslims in the light of some of the world’s thinkers. Khalīl highlights the compelling need for the Arabic and Islamic countries to cooperate with the different West to lead to...
This article traces the rounds of the conflict between political Islam and the West, the possibilities for leadership of the Islamic world and possible future scenarios, including the victory of Islam, the revival of the Islamic caliphate or the decline and collapse of the Islamic world.


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