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 Nader Shukry reports on the holding of the Arbaeen mass in memory of those killed in the Naj‘ Hammādī incident, also mentioning protests around the world – including in Downtown Cairo – speaking out against sectarian violence.
Bishop Bīshūy’s sickness has revealed existing tensions between the different bishops in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
This article describes the Arbaeen Mass which commemorated the fortieth day after the death of the six Coptic victims in Nag Hammadi. Many religious and important political figures were present, but strangely most local political persons were absent. The event was invitation only, but a tent was...
A reconciliation session is expected to be held between a Muslim family and two Coptic ones involved in revenge incidents. The reconciliation session is expected to be held when Bishop Bimen of Qūs returns from a trip abroad.
The author reviews a book about the times of imprisonment and persecution that bishops and priests faced during President Anwar al-Sādāt’s era.
The author claims that Bishop Bīshūy is promoting himself to gain more popularity to support him in his alleged intentions to nominate himself to the papacy of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The author writes about the planned new church and social service center on land belonging to the Bishopric. The building was denied by authorities after a long delay and the land was usurped by a previous owner. The people of Mit-Namā still wait for approval to build their much needed church.
The victims of the attacks against Coptic property were compensated for the damages they incurred, and a reconciliation session was held in Isnā. Egyptian journalists call for a realistic and objective treatment of the increasing sectarian tension in the country.
The article looks at the aftermath of the sectarian violence in Ísna and comments on the statement from the Egyptians against Religious Discrimination group that condemns the incidents and suggests ways to avoid further sectarian tension in the future.
A secret front formed by bishops in Upper Egypt is discussing the idea of choosing a bishop to compete for the papal chair in case of Pope Shenouda’s death.


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