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Dr. Philippe Fargues is a researcher and professor at the American University of Cairo who has investigated the complicated issue of Christian statistics in Egypt. While Pope Shenouda states that around 12 percent of the Egyptian population is Christian, CAPMAS estimates that the figure is actually...
The Administrative Judiciary Court refused to recognize Max Michel as the patriarch of a Coptic Orthodox Church declaring that Pope Shenouda III is the only patriarch for Orthodox Copts. The execution of the ruling will imply the annulment of the identity card that had been issued by the Egyptian...
The article reviews features of celebrations of Egyptian Christians for the occasion of Easter.
The author describes the friendship between the imām of al-Nūr mosque and the bishop of Hilwān.
The article reports on the security harassments the banned Muslim Brotherhood has been subjected to just weeks prior to the upcoming local council elections.
The article discusses reactions to a recent Supreme Administrative Court ruling which forces the Coptic Orthodox Church to allow Copts that have been divorced through civil courts to re-marry.
The first Coptic conference was held in Cairo in the presence of representatives of Coptic expatriates’ organizations and other national figures. The conference called for effectuating citizenship rights and denounced all forms of discrimination.
The People’s Assembly approved the draft law banning demonstrations in Egyptian houses of worship. The Muslim Brotherhood boycotted the vote and withdrew from the session, and the Minister of Endowments asserted that houses of worship are inviolable.
The article comments on a Supreme Administrative Court ruling to allow 15 Christians who had converted to Islam and later returned to Christianity to reclaim their legal rights as Christians.
The Supreme Administrative Court ruled last weekend in favor of 15 Christians who had converted to Islam and later reverted to their original Christianity and were officially accepted in the Church, and wished to claim their legal rights as Christians. While Christian public and human and...


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