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The issue of menstruating women still attracts the attention of the Coptic public opinion, and raises controversy between reformist vs. conservative views, and between rejection and acceptance.
Under the theme, titled: “Violence, why?”, the 7th literary salon took place on Friday at the Coptic Catholic Cultural Center of Minya. It was hosted by the Bishop of the Coptic Catholic Minya Eparchy, Bishop Buṭrus Fahīm.
Coptic Catholic bishop Botros Fahīm assured that the Church does not intervene in political matters and will not support a presidential candidate
Various diocesan bishops of the Minya governorate released statements in recognition of the security efforts done by the security authorities to protect the property of the Copts, denouncing accusations against the security authorities for allegedly closing churches for security reasons.
The Catholic Church rejected calls for boycotting the elections under the pretext of resolving the battle for religious trends because of the unsatisfactory division of constituencies.  
Editor: AWR received this text before President Mubarak announced he would step down. Nothing in the media indicated that this could happen tonight, yet it did.   Ever since the demonstrations began on January 25, men of religion have been stressing the importance of them not being transformed from...
‘Amr Bayyūmī reports about the suggestion that churches in Egypt form a supreme committee to work on solving problems facing Christians.
The article presents the reactions of Muslim scholars to the declaration that a prominent Muslim Italian journalist was baptized by the Catholic pope in the Easter eve service.
Drs. Hulsman comments on the recent ENAWU launch, and points to a number of articles on houses of worship in this issue.
The Supreme Administrative Court in Egypt issued a controversial ruling that guarantees Christian divorcees the right to a second marriage. The Coptic Orthodox Church rejects the ruling and declares that there is no authority on Earth that can oblige the church to go against their conscience....


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