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The author declares that Israeli military radio broadcasting has criticized the decision to both fine and incarcerate for three years the head of the Jewish Community in Egypt, Carmen Weinstein. He also references the position of Jackie Hogi, the editor of Arabic affairs in Israeli radio...
November 20th sees the first appeal hearing in a lawsuit by businessman Nabīl Badī‘ Bishāy, who accuses Carmen Weinstein, the head of the Jewish community in Egypt, of fraud. Weinstein allegedly sold him a building owned by the Jewish community while claiming it to be her own. Key Words: Carmen...
The president of the Jewish community has announced that not only will she not attend the conference that is being held at the Israeli Academic Center in Cairo but that she will not allow Israeli Jews from the conference to enter synagogues in Egypt.
The head of the Jewish community in Egypt demands the re-possession of their properties and to be assigned as guardian over it.
Carmen Weinstein asserted that the establishment of the Jewish museum is not driven by political or racist ideas and that it would be a landmark tourist attraction.
Translation but not mentioned if summarized or not. Could it be a summarized translation? Answer yes or no   
The Jews in Egypt agreed to unite and establish one council for all Jews’ organizations and institutions in Egypt.
A conference was held in Haifa where 200 Egyptian Jews gathered to claim their properties in Egypt. The author reports about the conference and met with Egyptian figures to investigate the matter.
This article is an interview with the head of Cairo Jewish Community, Carmen Weinstein, who speaks about the conditions of the few Jews still living in Egypt and their relationship with the Egyptian government and Israel.
In an interview with al-Maydān, the head of the Jewish community in Egypt, Carmen Einstein, has denied rumors about disputes over the presidency of Cairo’s Jewish community. Einstein has also denied links with the Jewish community in the United States.


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