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British Prime Minister Tony Blair said he is seeking to hold an international conference with terror-hit countries to explore the best ways of combating terrorism. He added that al-Qā‘ida and similar organizations have targeted 26 countries since 1993.
British Home Secretary Charles Clarke has not ruled out another wave of bombings. Prime Minister Tony Blair has said the persons involved in the recent 7/7 bombings in London have offended Islam by acting under the name of Islam.
A recent poll in Britain has shown that over two thirds of the Muslim students in the country believe that British foreign is to blame for the July terrorist attacks.
The British government has chosen Tāriq Ramadān, Muslim intellectual and grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder, to work as an anti-fundamentalist-extremism advisor.
The author refers to news about the release of thee British prisoners who were sentenced to five years imprisonment each in the case of Hizb al-Tahrīr.
In Denmark, the Prime Minister has defended the right to freedom of speech in relation to cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, the UK clamps down on terrorism, and a German prison celebrates Ramadān.
The author claims that though Ramadān refuses to see religion as a personal belief that does not impose itself on others, condemns those who reject Muslim clothing, such as the hijāb, and describes liberal Muslims as "Muslims without Islam," he is currently acting as an advisor to the British...
In a country proud of old traditions of respecting public freedoms, the new law under debate by the House of Lords has triggered a fuss because it grants the government the power to arrest persons suspected of having links with terrorist organizations.
Britain finished preparing a new Anti-Terrorism Law. Although the law was not approved by the House of Commons, it was enforced when security at Heathrow Airport took three fundamentalists into custody. The new law aims to stop the raising of funds and supporting of extremist groups, based in...
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