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The article deals with what went wrong in reporting about the issue of el-Koshh. Many Egyptians, and definitely the Egyptian authorities, would like nothing more then to forget the issue of el-Koshh but will it be forgotten?
The South Cairo Court will give its verdict in the lawsuit brought by 100 Copts against the Sunday Telegraph and Christina Lamb, a reporter for the same paper.
A TV station from Qatar organized a live debate on the American Freedom of Religious Persecution Law and el-Koshh between Mustafa Bakri, editor in chief of Al-Osboa newspaper, and Maurice Sadek, president of the Center for Human Rights and National Unity. Sadek, who defended the recently accepted...
The strangest thing in the events of Al-Koshh was the campaign that was waged by the State authorities against the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, that was used as a scapegoat by the security to cover its violations and acts of group torture.
Canceling its first rejection, the Sunday Telegraph agreed to publish the statement of the Egyptian Coptic education-investor Reda Edward which refuted the paper’s allegations of Copts’ persecution in Egypt. The paper accepted the statement in a form of paid advertisement.
If the Sunday Telegraph was interested in the issues of minorities, and if it really cared about the rights of minorities, it would have concentrated more on the issue of Catholics in Northern Ireland.
Egypt’s Information Office in New Delhi invited Indian journalists to visit Egypt to see the real events instead of quoting falsified reports of British papers claiming Egypt’s Copts are persecuted. An Egyptian media councilor in New Delhi clarified that Christina Lamb’s report which was quoted by...
The Sunday Telegraph went on in its suspicious campaign against Egypt. It attacked this time 2000 Egyptian Copts who signed a statement refuting the paper’s allegations against Egypt.
Reacting to the Sunday Telegraph’s lies and allegations, two prominent Coptic businessmen decided to sue the paper’s reporter, Christina Lamb, before an English court. They have accused her of reporting false events harming Egypt’s Copts and defaming Egypt’s national unity in order to hinder its...


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