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Al-Maydān has managed to get a copy of the CD on which newly-converted Maryān and Christine Nādīr speak out about their conversion to Islam and deny being abducted by Islamic groups or forced to convert to Islam.
Francois Bāsīlī criticized the actions of the Egyptian security apparatus following the mystery of the disappearance of two Christian girls. Bāsīlī also charged in this issue that the Egyptian press tackled the problem in a very sensational, lowly and unprofessional manner.
The parents of two Christian girls, Maryān and Christine, who disappeared two years ago after converting to Islam, lodged a report to the police accusing Muhammad Ahmad Ibrāhīm and Tawfīq Muhammad Tawfīq kidnapping their daughters.
The author states that three Christian families have become the targets of international organizations and expatriate Coptic groups that propagate lies about persecution of Copts in their own country.
The two girls, Christine and Maryān, dismissed allegations that they were abducted and stated that they were happy with their husbands and their new religion.
Hamdī Rizq praises Coptic thinker Jamāl As‘ad ‘Abd al-Malāk for his generosity, good manners and patriotism. Rizq believes that ‘Abd al-Malāk does not deserve to come under fire by those who accuse him of siding with the government against Copts and the church.
On December 13, Dream satellite channel broadcast a program on the reported forced Islamization of Christian girls in Egypt. TV host, Mr Wā’il al-Ibrāshī, invited Dr. Najīb Jabrā’īl and Coptic thinker Jamāl As‘ad to join him in the program.
Stickers bearing the photos of two Christian girls, whose parents claim they have been abducted, and please for help in finding them have been seen on cars in Cairo and in the girls’ hometown.
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