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For several weeks, the movie ?Baheb al-Sima? [I Love Cinema] has been discussed in the Egyptian press. Following are the articles published about the controversial movie in the Arabic press available in Egypt.
The author asserts that Islam and Muslims are the enemy created by some western circles, but Muslims are contributing to make the western “imaginary” come true. He also notes that the war against those who insult Islam has also targeted some Arab intellectuals.
Each time a disaster befalls dār al-harb [‘abode of war’, referring to the West] there are some Muslim terrorists who issue statements triumphing over the death of thousands of ‘Christian libertines, homosexuals and prostitutes.’
Verbal skirmishes took place between the Copts and Dr. Jamāl Nassār, the media advisor of the Muslim Brotherhood murshid [guide], after Nassār objected to canceling the religious identity from official papers.
It is very strange when you listen to Sheikh Al-Qaradawi, who claims he has issued 123 books on Islam and modern age and who is the main guest of several TV programs on Arab satellite channels. His ideas and way of thinking have raised several questions on his claims of moderate concept of Islam.
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