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The article reviews a new controversial film named, ‘The 13th Disciple’ that is based on the story of a fictional twin brother of Jesus Christ who represents the opposite character to Jesus and calls for a different religious denomination.
The head of the Islamic Council in Italy asserts that there is no problem between Islam and Christianity. For him the problem lies in Western culture that does not understand Muslims’ attempts to defend the spirituality of their creed. To him the West refuses spirituality, this is a problem in...
The article discusses the belief rampant in extremist circles in the US and Europe about the end-of-the-world battle of Armageddon. Many voices consider the Israeli war in southern Lebanon to be the final confrontation between the forces of good and evil.
The author reviews the hijāb issue and talks about a campaign inside schools and universities inciting girls and women to wear the Muslim headscarf as a sign of chastity.
Discussion about the hijāb. Adding biographies of figures mentioned in the Arab-Egyptian media to the EDC.
The author thinks that Dā‘iya ‘Amr Khālid has managed to attract the West’s attention, while the Egyptian government, the opposition parties and other political currents are engaged in a useless row. She sheds light on a recent New York Times’ report on the dā‘iya entitled, "Offer a helping...
Seventy thousand Christian women issued divorce lawsuits, but the church refuses to admit them, the author claims. As a result, many Christians turn to civil marriage or live with a sense of guilt.
Western media discusses the return of veiled actresses as presenters for religious television channels. This phenomenon is considered a "new trend", which aims to harmonize between what was harām [forbidden] before and what is halāl [allowed] today.
The author deals with the issue of Islamic outfits for Muslim sportswomen and the high demand for such sportswear that helps women practicing the sports they like while observing the teachings of their faith.
Dan Brown’s widely popular novel The Da Vinci Code has caused a storm of controversy in the Christian world, due to allegations about Jesus and the Christian faith. The Christian Council of Korea has described the novel as an attempt to distort the facts, defame Jesus Christ’s sanctity and...


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