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During a lengthy interview, Pope Shenouda discusses Coptic identity and history, the Palestinian question, the churches support of President Mubārak in the upcoming elections, the issue of national unity in Egypt and much more.
The transcript of an interview with Bishop Marcos of Shubrā al-Khaymā about the rules regarding the succession of a pope, church and politics, Father Matā al-Miskīn and other subjects.
“The Divine Will Behind the Structure of the Church” is a book written by a monk from Anba Maqar monastery. It discusses many present issues concerning the church, its identity, principles and laws. The article covers most of the ideas expressed in the book.
The article is an overview of a book titled “Christians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt: The Century-Long Struggle for Coptic Equality” by S. S. Hasan describes herself as a nominal Muslim woman, and agnostic.
Throughout the history of the Orthodox Church patriarchs have been using the right to defrock priests and punish bishops and monks in order to protect the Church teachings or to stop heretics. In the very modern history of the Church, many persons have been subjected to these punishments. Several...
Adel Hammouda expressed the opinion that while the church announced that it expelled young priest Daniel who attracted Coptic youth with his modern way of interpreting the Bible and declared he did not follow the church’s education, it did not go public with expelling the monk of Al-Moharraq...
The Orthodox Church does not recognize the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Plymouth Brethren and Evangelists. It considers them as sects that have deviated from church references that are based on the Holy Bible, ecumenical councils, fathers’ sayings and church laws. Representatives of...
And the same subject (& article) in the English-speaking press.
An Arabic newspaper looks at "rebel monks", their activities and accusations, and the response of the leadership (including Pope Shenouda III) to their charges.
An overview of the position of Copts in Egypt.


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