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Ayman Nūr is a strong proponent of liberal political reforms in Egypt as well as a strong profile on human rights. He has used his seat in parliament to carry out "investigations on everything from bread prices to torture." Only three months after establishing his new party, Ayman Nūr was stripped...
Some Egyptian Christian emigrants have always been parroting during the former regime's time that they could not come to Egypt to convene meetings and forums for dialogue over the Christian citizens' cares and problems as well as discrimination and challenges facing equality in Egypt.
The article discusses emigrant Copts, whether British or American, and their allegations that Copts in Egypt are suffering from oppression under the Egyptian government.
Even if the strange and weird events regarding the incident of Al-Koshh and the response in the Egyptian media had not happened, it would have been invented by the Telegraph so as to find an excuse to talk about the illusion of the persecution of Copt’s in Egypt.
The West tries to imposing itself on the Third World. This is evident in analyzing the concept of globalization. The religious dimension of globalization has made the problem of foreign intervention and religious protection, including that of the Copts, an important issue.
Dr. Ayman Nour of the Wafd Party invited Lord Alton to visit Egypt to see everything by himself, but he refused. However, he agreed on holding a debate with Dr. Nour in London and it will televised through one of the television channels.
This article discusses the several faxes Lord David Alton of Liverpool wrote to Sohag’s governor Ahmad Abd Al-Aziz Bakr concerning the issue of al-Koshh.
Egyptian human rights organizations are used to being attacked by government and its allied journalists once a year at one particular time. That is when the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council holds its meeting to discuss reports prepared by their branches all...
The rude campaign goes on against Egypt. In cooperation with members of the American Congress, a British lord has sent a threatening letter, warning that he will launch a fierce campaign against Egyptian tourism if the persecution of Copts does not stop.
Major General Ahmed Bakr Suhag’s governor condemned the arrogant letter of the British Lord David Alton. Bakr said no foreigner has the right to intervene in Egypt’s internal affairs, and he confirmed the independence of Egypt’s decisions and its sovereignty.


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