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The article reports on the reprint of an offensive caricature of the Prophet Muhammad by many Danish and European newspapers that was made just one day after a plot to murder of its cartoonist was foiled.
Diana al-Dab‘ reports on Pope Shenouda’s decision to dismiss Father Bimen, priest of the Virgin Mary Church in Cyprus, which has ignited the anger of the Coptic community in Cyprus.
An article published in an Evangelical newspaper has reportedly called for the establishment of a Christian Brotherhood group following the model of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group.
In the wake of two important conferences held recently in Cairo about citizenship rights and democracy, Diana al-Dab‘ examines the role of Copts in diaspora in these two conferences.
This is a representation of the Coptic expatriates’ organizations active in the West.
The following lines discuss the ongoing reactions to the Chicago conference held by the Coptic Assembly of America. While some observers accuse the delegates of trying to achieve American goals in Egypt, others call for opening the channels of dialogue.
The author presents viewpoints of six girls that represent three samples of young women in Egyptian society today. Viewpoints about life, religion, and sex vary from one to another. The young women are chosen from different social and educational levels.
The article discusses of number of issues affecting the Coptic community in Egypt. It focuses on discrimination and divisive acts that lead to more splits within Egyptian society.
Discussions on the Islamic-Christian dialogue between Tunisian and French activists.
Dayanā al-Dhab‘ reports about the Evangelical Church elections.


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