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A conference held at the Azhar University, attended by Muslim scholars and medical doctors from Africa, Asia and Europe, condemns female circumcision and denies that it is a religious practice.
Anti-Muslim Brotherhood releases in the Egyptian press.
Wide controversy surrounds the Dutch government’s decision which approves a parliamentary proposal to ban wearing the Niqāb in public places.
A U.S. authority denies entry of a Muslim scholar to the U.S., detains and then deports him to an unknown destination.
The court ruling previously pronounced by a lower administrative court giving Bahā’īs the rights to state their religion in official documents is overturned by the Supreme Administrative Court.
The author wonders why attacks target only Orthodox churches and not Catholic or Evangelical churches in Egypt.
The Egyptian authorities have started a large-scale arrest campaign against members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, but the reasons for the detentions remain unclear to most observers.
The conviction of a young journalist, Amīra Malash, in a libel suit has created uproar amongst the press and journalists and human rights activists have stood up defending freedom of expression.
The conference held in Denmark over the offensive Danish cartoons called for by the young controversial dā‘iya cAmr Khālid has created different reactions in the West and the Islamic world.
Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have made a short visit to Egypt, but controversy has surrounded the decision to grant the Prince an honorary doctorate from the Azhar University.


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