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Egyptian Lawyer Ḥāmid Sālim filed a lawsuit to censor religious TV programs by al-Azhar before they are broadcast on satellite channels, arguing that some programs broadcast fatwas threatening national security and social peace.
Long before the elections begin, various organizations are in a hectic race to win the dollars of foreign funding made available to monitor the forthcoming elections. Sa’cd al-Dīn Ibrāhīm has struck gold securing 10 million dollars in Canadian-European-US funding.
Rif‘at al-Said, the spokesman for the Egyptian opposition parties? alliance, said he met with the U.S. Ambassador in Cairo David Welch for a couple of hours.
Shock shrouded political circles in Egypt after Abd al-Halim Qandil, the Executive Editor-in-Chief of al-Arabi newspaper, the mouthpiece of the opposition Nasserite Party, was kidnapped, beaten and left stark naked on the Cairo-Suez desert highway on the dawn of November 2, 2004. Hundreds of public...
Judiciary independence and national pride are dominating the Egyptian reactions to the US threat to cut aid to Egypt on protest to the seven-year imprisonment sentence given to Saad Eddin Ibrahim. Ibrahim’s American wife says that the crisis will be solved in Egypt without American pressure.
Al-Hayat, praised the Muslim Brotherhood for backing the Coptic candidate of the Wafd Party in the Waili district. The author of the article described the group’s attitude as "a new step towards an opening to other political powers and an attempt to extend the group’s efficient political tendencies...
The article discusses the weekly Friday sermon and the poor performance of the preachers, whom many view as insufficient to stand on the minbar [a pulpit inside the mosque] and deliver sermons to Muslim worshippers.
The Egyptian parliament has approved a two-year extension of the 25-year -old emergency law amidst strong opposition from Muslim Brotherhood and independent members of parliament. Arguing that the government uses the law to silence and oppress the opposition, Muslim Brotherhood members came to...
The authors harshly criticize leading Brotherhood member Dr. ‘Isām al-‘Iryān for his statement in which he called upon President Hussnī Mubārak to put an end to the multi-party system in Egypt.
The General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood paid a quick visit to the headquarters of the Nasserist Party. He denied the visit was to end dispute between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Nasserist Party.


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