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Editor: Muslims prayed at Tahrir Square. This was followed today by a Christian prayer at Tahrir Square. This prompted our board member Dr. Amin Makram Ebeid to visit Tahrir Square for the first time the demonstrations started. The following is his report.   My wife Jailane and I accompanied my son...
Yūsuf Wahīb comments on monks and monasteries in Egypt and discusses monks’ important role in the country since Roman times.
Translation throughout the Arab world is discussed, in particular the difficultly in marketing and distributing translated works.
The author presents three books that he praises as subjective and well informed on the Coptic role in political and social life in Egypt.
A presidential ruling was recently issued to form the Secretaries Council of the National Translation Center. More details about the ruling are presented in the following article.
An international festival for Coptic music and melodies, entitled "The Eternal Nile" was held in Paris. It was organized jointly by the Coptic Association in France and the Syndicate du Personnel de l’ UNESCO."
The author explained that the meaning of the word Copt means Egyptian and not Christian. That is only an invention of Christians which was accepted by some Muslim Egyptian intellectuals. He conclude his article by asking the Ministers of Education and Higher Education to review the place of Coptic...
Coptic artists made their opinion known about the foreign publicity about el-Koshh.
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