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Claims made in the western press about the rape of Christian girls in Egypt, and forcing them to become Muslims with the allegation that this takes place with the blessing of the police stirs and angry response from the authorities and Christians.
The issue of Christian remarriage after divorce following a recent civil court ruling wife remains an issue facing fierce opposition from the various Christian denominations in Egypt. The views of representatives from various denominations are reported in this article.
The state honored the Coptic writer, Counselor Edward Ghali El-Zahabi, former Chief of the Court of State (hai’it Qadaya el-Dawla), an authority on the study of the rights of non-Muslims in an Islamic society, and a former member of the People’s Assembly, on the occasion of the Holy Mulid of the...
People’s Assembly members have condemned some foreign papers and radio networks for the allegations of Coptic persecution in Egypt. They said there are planned conspiracies to harm Egypt and its people and hinder the outstanding developments in all fields as well as [to harm] Middle East peace...
An article criticizing the intervention of the Congress in Muslim Christian relations in Egypt.
MP Edward Ghali El-Dahabi spoke in Parliament against the American Religious Persecution Act.


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