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The article reviews a book of a British thinker Robert Irwin entitled, ‘For Lust of Knowing: The Orientalists and their Enemies,’ which responds to the theory of late prominent thinker Edward Sa‘īd on orientalism.
A review of the book, ’Out of Place: A Memoir.’ The memoir outlines the lives of Edward W. Said and his sister, Rosemarie Said Zahlan.
Dr. Muná Abū Sinnah discusses how developing education should begin.
The author reviews a book by late thinker Edward Sa‘īd titled ‘Orientalism,’ in which he affirmed that European Orientalists were not preoccupied with what they had seen with their own eyes in the East, inasmuch as with the image embedded in their own minds about it.
Muhammad al-Qasabī reviews some of Edward Sa‘īd’s [Edward Said] books and views concerning the relationship between the Arab world and the West.
On the third anniversary of his death, Rashā ‘Āmir writes about the contributions of Edward Sa‘īd, the world-renowned scholar, in the fields of literature and criticism.
The author refuted what V.S. Naipaul said about Islam being a disaster for Asia as it wiped out all the public cultures of the countries it conquered. He gave Egypt and Spain as examples of the fact that Islam did not wipe out the cultures of the countries it conquered but interacted with them. He...
The Middle East Media Research Institute produced a report about responses in the Egyptian media to the attacks in the USA giving the impression that the Egyptian government, opposition, and independent press all celebrated the terrorist attacks on the USA. The RNSAW commented on MEMRI’s report and...
The American University in Beirut awarded honorary Ph.D.s to six figures representing bonds between Arabs and the West.
A letter of recommendation from Dr. Hassan Muhammad Wagīh, expert of Linguistics of Negotiation and Cross-Cultural Communication, Faculty of Languages, Azhar University, and writer at al-Ahrām newspaper, Cairo.


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