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Prominent academic translator Noureddine Zouitni gave a lecture at the Goethe Institute in Cairo and a workshop at CIDT. This is a report on the lecture and the workshop.
Asharq al-Awsat reports that the statements of Hirsi Ali against Islām were seen by members of Muslim communities as a trick, deployed in order to gain asylum. Dutch journalist Eildert Mulder, who interviewed Ali, does not believe that this allegation is true
The speech of Drs. Cornelis Hulsman, director of the Center for Arab-West Understanding, on ’ Freedom of expression and respect for the other. How to respond if one is offended.’
Introducing website and search program linked to RNSAW’s database. Media attention for RNSAW work.
Rajab al-Bannā believes that Islam is being attacked everywhere, citing examples from Denmark, The Netherlands and Australia.
An article about the work of the Center for Arab-West Understanding from Dutch newspaper Trouw.
[The article of Muhammad Shebl in October, September 15, resulted in an article in the Dutch Daily Trouw] While Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Dutch political scientist of Somali origin, received death threats because of her untraditional convictions about Islam, Egyptians discuss freedom of religion. This is...
Media critique on articles about the place and role of Christians in Arab countries.
AWR’s work to develop an electronic archive of everything pertaining to relations between Muslims and Christians in the Arab-World in general and Egypt in particular is impressive. The index developed thus far is based on the material AWR has collected thus far and is an excellent tool for...
Problems with the NGO registration of the Center for Arab-West Understanding. Norwegian pastor Rev. Geir Valle’s response to Ashraq al-Awsat’s article on Norwegian missionaries targeting Muslim asylum seekers in Norway.


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