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Emile Amīn, a Coptic Catholic intellectual said, “Pope Francis’ visit to Egypt reminds us of the visit of St. Francis of Assisi to Egypt during a time known in the Arab World as ‘Ḥarb al-Firinjah’ (the War of the Franks), and in the West as ‘the Crusades’.
In an unprecedented step King ‘Abd Allāh Bin ‘Abd al-‘Azīz of Saudi Arabia visits the Vatican and engages in dialogue with Pope Benedict XVI.
Imīl Amīn interviews Michael Louis Fitzgerald, the ambassador of the Vatican in Egypt.
This is an article about American thinker John Esposito, who aims to reach the truth behind Islām and the motives of the Islamic resurgence movements. He established the Center of Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, Washington.
Imīl Amīn mentions the principles for successful Muslim-Christian dialogue.
Emile Amīn discusses likely reasons behind the acts of terrorism that the world has experienced in recent years. In the war on terrorism, it is essential that the use of force be accompanied by a thorough analysis of the reasons behind terrorist attacks.
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