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The author defends her father and calls on journalist Fādī Ḥabashī to be more accurate and careful in his journalistic reporting.
Fādī Ḥabashī reports on the statements of Bishop Maximus I, bishop of the first St. Athanasius Church in Egypt, about his church’s plan to organize the celebration of the ’relative day.’
Coptic Orthodox Church grants actress Hālah Ṣidqī marriage license while refusing to do the same to her ex-husband.
The author criticizes the Coptic Orthodox Church for issuing a remarriage license to the Coptic actress Hālah Ṣidqī, due to her good relations with leaders of the church, while leaving the cases of 15,000 people who have long been applying for this license unresolved.
In an interview with al-Fajr, Bishop Mūsá defends the role of the Committee of National Participation at the Bishopric of Youths in enlightening Copts about the importance of contributing to politics. He comments on the recent message of Pope Shenouda III, in which he addressed President Mubārak.
The article criticizes a trend of Coptic Orthodox Churches and monasteries that have engaged in trading projects and have left their real spiritual role.
A recent episode of ’al-Haqīqah,’ broadcast on Dream channel, provoked angry reactions within the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Pope Shenouda’s interview with Lamīs al-hadīdī on the ’Itkallim’ [Speak] television program was postponed for more than three months before it was finally performed.
Fadī Ḥabashī discusses Pope Shenouda’s reactions toward George Bibāwī.
The phenomenon of Islamic schools is not new; the new thing is that these schools do not accept employing Christian teachers or enlisting Christian students. Last week an advertisement appeared in the last page of al-Ahram about a school called ?Al-Bashayir al-Islāmīyah.” The advertisement called...


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