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The State Commissioners Authority submitted its final report on the controversial issue of Bahā’īs to the Supreme Administrative Court, a few months after the Administrative Judicial Court, headed by Judge Fārūq ‘Abd al-Qādir, recognized the rights of Egyptian Bahā’īs to have their religion...
The author discusses the concept of divorce in Christianity and conditions that invalidate a marriage contract.
A discussion of the pope’s arguments concerning divorce in the Coptic Orthodox Church, and the ways in which Christian personal status issues have been handled in the past.
The Egyptian minister of interior, Major General Habīb al- ‘Ādlī, has submitted a memorandum to the Administrative Judicial Court, calling for the dismissal of the lawsuits filed by 150 Copts, who embraced Islam and afterwards decided to convert back to Christianity, and accusing the converts of...
The Administrative Judiciary Court accepted a lawsuit by Said Muhammad Hassan against the Sheikh of Al Azhar. The court permitted the publication of his three books that the Islamic Research Institute rejected.
Judge, Fārouq ‘Abd al-Qādir, asserted that there is no legal obligation on the prime minister to make Coptic new year a fully-paid official holiday.
The head of the Administrative Court comments on its ruling that canceled the decision of the Azhar concerning banning a three-part religious book. He says that the author of the three books did not harm the Islamic faith, as he has only practiced Ijtihad.
Many intellectuals were asked about their opinion regarding the return of Nasr Hamed Abu-Zeid to Egypt. Essam Al-Erain said that he would welcome Dr. Nasr Hamed Abu-Zeid back to Egypt because the case had been transformed from a disagreement on scientific research and points of view into a...
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