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Newspapers have recently quoted Major General Abū Bakr al-Jindī, Chairman of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), as saying that the Coptic population in Egypt is 5.700 million, which is unreasonable and was expected to raise eyebrows amongst Coptic or even Muslim...
In the article, the author releases interviews with four Coptic figures who previously joined Islamic parties.
Dr. Fātimah Sayyid Ahmad reports on her personal experience with followers of the Burhānīyah Sūfī order who invited her to spend a day trip to Disūq to discover the reality of their belief. However, she was stunned by the kind of Islamic teachings they present, believing that this deviated group...
The author talks about al-Burhāniyyah, a Ṣūfī method which has been legally banned at Egypt, but there is an attempt to return it back through distributing a Masbahah and a paper containing incorrect names for Prophet Muhammad.
Rumors about Mubārak’s health spread like wildfire and created wide-ranged uproar in society. Although the role of the press in the circulation of the news was undeniable, some insist on the unwavering responsibility of official authorities in making rumors appear more credible by hesitating in...
Report and comments on the case of Fibi Ṣalīb on the topic of stories of conversion. Comments on Dr. FāṬimah Sayyid Ahmad’s statement on the need to respond quickly to rumors.
The article is a review of Rose Al-Youssef’s file "The Complete Conspiracy: The Extremist Plan to Destroy Egypt’s Civilization." The file exposes the dangerous dimensions of extremism’s conspiracy against Egypt. The aim of the conspiracy is to destroy every aspect of Egyptian society.
A new security drive had targeted key figures of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group within days after announcing the platform of their alleged political party.
The article discusses the political failure of the banned Muslim Brotherhood that tends to raise less important issues merely to gain media fame rather than any real political presence in society.
Dr. Fāṭimah Sayyid Ahmad considers the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in politics, where this role originated, and how the Brotherhood justifies their calls to establish an Islamic state.


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