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On February 12, Arab countries adopted a charter which puts limits on Arab satellite channels and prohibits offending political and religious figures. Qatar has rejected the document and Lebanon has expressed its reservations. The article outlines the repercussions of the incident.
The writer talks about the National Translation Center. He comments on the translation and editing processes employed by the center.
Dr. Fawzī Fahmī writes about the new code for combating terrorism and the necessity of applying it under judicial control.
In his Risālat al-Dār [Reviewer: Essay on the house], Shazrin stressed the need for reform of thought, expressing his fascination with the use of the mind for creative and inventive purposes. Due to the originality of the work, Dr. Fawzī Fahmī says, the essay was rejected by Shazrin’s...
The Iranian writer, Bahrām Bīdā‘ī, expressed in his play “The book of Shaykh Shizrīn" the crisis of a society dominated by a self-interested religious group which exercises its influence to convict and eliminate anyone who has a difference of opinion.
The author of the article comments on the fatwa deeming sculpture works harām.
The headmistress of the Education Department in the Conservatoire Institution ordered primary and preparatory students to sing a song about the attributes of God in the morning line-up instead of the national anthem. Students´ parents, both Muslims and Christians, objected to what she did.
Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary members try to stop new legislation on the establishment and work of NGOs. They attacked many items in the legislation, such as an item that allows non-Egyptians to participate in NGOs. They argued that this could give people who hate Egypt the chance to penetrate...
Aqidaty had an interview with Dr. Gaber Asfour, the General Secretary of the Supreme Council for Culture. In this interview, he was asked about the criticized conference about women. In addition to this he received questions about creativity, Islamic literature and about the Qur`an being a...
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