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The author expresses his rejection of Christian and Muslim institutions’ involvement in judging works of art, arguing that banning artistic works should not be allowed.
Religious institutions in Egypt are still rejecting a project to produce the first Egyptian movie about the life of Jesus Christ, but the filmmakers are determined to continue.
Father Marqus ‘Azīz denies having spoken on behalf of the pope regarding the Egyptian movie about Christ.
In an interview with al-Qāhira, scriptwriter Fāyiz Ghālī speaks out on his upcoming movie on the life of Jesus Christ.
A project for a huge Egyptian production of a film about the life of Jesus Christ has triggered outcries from the Coptic Orthodox Church.
This press review dwells on the controversy caused by a project to produce an Egyptian movie about the life of Jesus Christ which has prompted outcries from both the Azhar and the Coptic Church.
Shaymā’ Silīm reports on the preparation for the first Egyptian movie on the life of Jesus Christ from an Arab, Christian and Orthodox perspective.
Although they constitute an integral part of the social fabric, Copts are scarcely represented in the cinema. This scanty representation is quite disproportional to the real magnitude of their presence or their social roles. A new, soon-to-be-screened film, "Forbidden Talk", which depicts a Copt...
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