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[Khul‘‘ is wife?s request for divorce in return for the dowry and gifts she had received from him].
The victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in the elections of the Bar Association revealed their increasing political influence in Egypt following their recent victory in the parliamentary elections. The Bar association elections revealed the ruling party’s crisis, as it failed to confront the Islamic...
The elections of the Bar Association were postponed until February 24 because the quorum required by law was not achieved. The Brotherhood declared its support for the government’s candidate for the Association’s top post, claiming that he was the best candidate. They also included the name of...
Coptic lawyers have entered as a party in the political game in the Egyptian Bar Association elections. Despite the failure of all Coptic candidates in the recent elections, the role played by Coptic lawyers was undeniable, forming another trump card in the face of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Two weeks of peace in the Bar Association ended and it turned again to disturbance when the juridical committee observing elections of the association fixed those elections for March 12 to select the head and the Board of the association.
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