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Some Western theologians insist on deforming the image of the Prophet Muhammad, regardless of historical truths.
History has witnessed Western persecution against Eastern Christians. This review highlights some historical incidents that demonstrate this fact and asserts that the unity of Christians and Muslims in the East is facing foreign danger.
Trade played a great role in spreading Islam all over the world. Muslim merchants were a good example that was followed by other people.
The author analyzes the history of the crusades against Arabs and Muslims. He sees that these wars shaped what can be called the clash of civilizations.
Dr. Lawrence Levine, professor at Stevens Institute of Technology, New York, US, and an Orthodox Jew, comments on the article “The lie of the awaited Messiah,” published in Al-Ahram Al-Arabi. He explains whether the article represents the consensus among Orthodox Jews.
Overview of the belief of the awaited Messiah in the Jewish faith. The author believes that the Jewish history is a struggle between mere religious faith on the one hand and the idea that aims at establishing a nation by the awaited Messiah on the other hand.
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