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Charles Fū’ād al-Miṣrī interviewed Frank R. Wolf, the U.S. Republican member of the House of Representatives, who spoke about the shifts in U.S. policy towards the annual aid to Egypt, as well as other issues of importance.
Egyptian media expressed anger at the resolution of the European Parliament about human rights in Egypt. Midḥat Bishāy critiques the “stampede of Egyptian media,” for constantly highlighting the activities of Coptic activists.
The following lines discuss the ongoing reactions to the Chicago conference held by the Coptic Assembly of America. While some observers accuse the delegates of trying to achieve American goals in Egypt, others call for opening the channels of dialogue.
Thanks to the Congress ... pardon to the Egyptian People’s AssemblyAl-Dustūr newspaper published in its issue of August 27, 1997, an essay entitled "Crusaders have not put their swords down yet". The writer expressed his worry at an American economic boycott, or an American marine invasion of Egypt...
Subtitles: Demonstration in front of the Egyptian consulate in New York; 16 Copts murdered per minute C.N.N.-TV; Egypt is a place of persecution. See how they treat monkeys and bears in the zoo. Mahmoud Wahba: Jews are using Copts to cover a disaster among them. Rose al- Yūsuf, July 28, is also...
Political analyst, researcher, author and executive editor of the Egyptian weekly Watanī International Majdī Khalīl, known for his books on citizenship rights, civil society and the position of minorities in the Middle East, speaks out many on Coptic grievances to al-Dustour.
During his meeting with leaders of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights, Congressman Frank Wolf raised yesterday the issues of Coptic persecution, Ghad Party leader Ayman Nour’s imprisonment and Sudanese refugees in Egypt.
A review of articles concerning the Washington Conference of expatriate Copts, which the Egyptian press has tended to view as a U.S. / Zionist / expatriate Coptic attempt to attack Egypt.
An article about the work of the Center for Arab-West Understanding from Dutch newspaper Trouw.
Meunir claims that he speaks on behalf of 700,000 Copts in the United States although recent official statistics assert that there are less than 150,000 Americans of Egyptian origin. Supported by Senator Brownback, he urged the Egyptian government to make the Coptic language, along with Arabic, an...


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