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A conference on inter-religious dialogue will be held in Cairo on February 25-26. The Vatican ambassador announced the conference and highlighted the Vatican’s wish to enforce relationships between different religions.
The author, Iqbāl Barakah, presents a review of ’bits and pieces’ of incidents where Muslim-Christian relations were concerned, believing that there are parties who fan the flames of sedition.
The author discusses a dispute between 29 Coptic families who were evicted from their land under the premise that it was state owned, and presents the opinion of the region’s governor on the issue, as well as Watani International’s critique of the way in which the dispute is being handled.
The article discusses a recent sectarian clash that erupted in Minia over a plot of land. It provides eyewitness testimony of the events.
Governorate officials and Muslim and Christian men of religion in Samālūṭ focus on national unity and the healthy fraternal relations between Muslims and Christians, confirming their intention to overcome any conflict and to preserve the national unity of the country.
Sectarian incidents ignited in the Upper Egyptian village of Samālūṭ in al-Miniā governorate over an estate that the church purchased in 2003.
The article discusses the tradition of gathering in the mountaintop church north of Minya, Upper Egypt. The church is said to be along the route that the Holy Family took through Egypt.
The problem of ‘Izbat Hannā was solved. The governor of al-Minyā bought the land on which 29 Christian families lived to build a public foundation. Many conflicts were aroused over the land, the latest of which concerned building an Azhar institution, which sparked protests from the Christian...
Dispute over two qirats of land in the Upper Egyptian village of Dayr al- Barshā, Minia governorate, ended up with six people killed and 12 others wounded.
In Samālout, al-Minya governorate, the Holy Family reached Jabal al-Tayr on their blessed journey. On the first of June every year, many Egyptians celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary.


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